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Rallying the Troops, commemorates the men and women of Ku-ring-gai who served in the Great War. From an approximate population of 12,000, nearly 1,800 volunteered; of those one in six died and one in ten was decorated.

This series, in four volumes (420-680 pages each), spanned a five-year peiod of: design, typesetting and print management.


"This is a superb publication and a worthy tribute to the remarkable men and women of our community who served overseas and at home. Congratulations."

Brendan Nelson

Director, Australian War Memorial

“…it is wonderful to receive such impressive tomes which seek to capture and preserve our history and particularly the bravery of those who served our nation in crisis.”

Sir Peter Cosgrove

The Governor General

An Australian Award Winner

Ku-ring-gai Historical Society received the prestigious Mander Jones 2015 Award (Category 2A) for Volume II of Rallying the Troops: a World War I Commemoration. The Category 2A award is made annually by the Australian Society of Archivists for the best publication that uses, features or interprets Australian archives, written by or on behalf of a corporate body.

"A remarkable work bringing together so much information from a multitude of sources into a coherent local, yet universal, work of sound research. It utilises a range of resources from both government and private archival collections, from Australia and overseas, to create a great local and general history of WW1. The writing, layout, photography and captions were all high quality."


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